Yesterday, I turned 24. I started the day playing FIFA 20; more like, I continued with FIFA from the 11th. As usual, I was teaching my friend Osaro a lesson. He is getting so good at playing the game real quick and he is getting increasingly difficult to beat. He frequently beats me nowadays.

Simple times

My heart was kinda heavy all day. I was greeted with news of the passing of one of my ex-lecturers. He was a good man. It made me really sad. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away(Job 1:21). God bless his soul.

The past 24…

While learning about product management for Data Science and AI, I came across an interesting concept… The AI hierarchy of needs.

It is a guide for companies wanting to build intelligent systems amidst all the current hype. Below is a very simplified representation of the AI hierarchy of needs.

A remake of an illustration by Danielle Thé

Many companies want to build AI, but in reality, they aren’t yet ready for it. Several factors have to be met before good, ‘ethical AI’ can be introduced into any system. …

Otote Osagie

Medical doctor, exploring several knowledge domains and looking for interesting ways to improve healthcare.

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