Yesterday, I turned 24. I started the day playing FIFA 20; more like, I continued with FIFA from the 11th. As usual, I was teaching my friend Osaro a lesson. He is getting so good at playing the game real quick and he is getting increasingly difficult to beat. He frequently beats me nowadays.

Simple times

My heart was kinda heavy all day. I was greeted with news of the passing of one of my ex-lecturers. He was a good man. It made me really sad. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away(Job 1:21). God bless his soul.

The past 24 years have been good, I can’t complain. My most notable achievements until very recently have been school-related. For starters, I became a medical doctor at 21. I remember medical school like it was yesterday, maybe it was. It was the best time of my life bar primary school. I threw arguably the biggest party in medical school during my time there, I won multiple golds medals for football tournaments, represented my faculty as a senator and I had the best friends. I can’t complain tbh.

Perhaps my lowest moment in the past 20 years came on the day of my induction into the medical profession. I did not win an award I diligently set myself up to win and I kinda felt like it was under unfair circumstances(maybe I was being a sore loser). I really did not want to attend the ceremony but I had no choice; while I was there, I couldn’t wait to leave.

I think I have done well these past 20 odd years. I was a precocious child and my book smarts won me a lot of goodwill and accolades over the years but what I think has helped me the most in life, bar a wonderful family, is friendship(separate post coming soon).

Growing up, my dad always told me to be wary of friends. I went to an all-boys secondary school and for some reason, I always had a group of 5+ boys come to my house to visit. My dad thought I had too many friends and always warned me about the dangers, however, my experience with friends have been blissful. What he(daddy) didn’t know was that I was a people person so it looked like I had a lot of friends but I knew my friends and my friends knew me. It was great advice nonetheless.

In primary school, I had friends like Tobi Bamsa. He helped me with everything. We were also competing for the top spots in class together with Aliyu Baba’ari and Naja’atu Abdulazeez(I hope I did not misspell the names). I know those two are out there killing it somewhere in the world. I miss that period in time when things were simpler. I wonder where Juliet is now (my first crush). lol. I digress. I just found her on Instagram. lol. I digress further.

I was going to be a great clinician. I knew it, everyone that schooled with me knew it & some of my teachers swore by it. Sadly, I chose a different path. I decided to pursue a career in health tech which to me, will someday soon, be the same thing as health/medicine. I believe every profession is being greatly impacted by technology and at some point, it won’t make any sense to separate the terms FinTech from Finance, Agriculture from AgriTech, Healthcare from HealthTech and so on.

I’ll talk about my journey in my newly chosen field on another day, in a separate post.

The Big 24! Omo! I’m young but 40 is not far off. I have very unpopular opinions about a lot of things including love & relationships. I’ve been in two relationships. Ladies. My sorry ass broke it off both times.

Harder times

I think life is hard. There is so much sadness in the world. People are sick and suffering, there is a poverty pandemic in my country(yes, I can define pandemic); women are being raped, mutilated and married off; children are being separated from their families and let's not forget famine and flooding. I think my purpose in life is to bring joy to people via charity/philanthropy. I want to start by helping people that are sick and unable to pay their bills in hospitals within Nigeria. I hope I’m able to start soon using my widow’s mite.

Does God exist? Is eternity real? Is Christianity legitimate? How am I going to die? These are questions that have plagued me at different points in time. I have answers to the first three but I have no answer to the last one. Working in a Nigerian hospital is hard and death occurs far too often. I always wonder which of the diseases I treated people for will strike me down. I’ll probably never know. I was robbed at gunpoint in January, it could have so easily been a bullet.

Overall, I am reminded that the Lord God giveth and He taketh away; nothing happens unless the Lord permits. If He permits, I’ll continue this series next year.

See you at 25!

Medical doctor, exploring several knowledge domains and looking for interesting ways to improve healthcare.